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Free New Movies Online – Watch Movies Free Online @ | 123movies – online movies website: Are you a movie lover and looking for a website where you can watch free movies online. If you answered yes, here is a post that teaches everything about 123movies, an online movie website that allows its users to watch movies free online. Continue reading below and please don’t hesitate to share it with your friends and loved ones!!! is an online website that allows users to watch thousands of movies online. Thus, you do not need to make any payment to gain access to the platform.

One thing that makes this platform very unique is that users can watch movies online from the platform without having to create an account.

Movies available in this platform include action, adventures, animation, comedy, drama, and lots more there.

If you are looking where you can access good quality movies for free, then this article is for you.

In this article, I will show you how to access millions of high-quality movies free online from the platform.

The Web Portal has a very simplistic website. Also, navigation in this platform is easy.

The platform allows its users to be able to search for their preferred movies on the platform without stress.

The platform homepage has both old and new movies listed. Hence, you can easily begin to watch any of your choice.

With this movie platform, movie lovers have no more need for subscribing or making any payment before they watch their preferred movies.

Movies in this platform are of top quality. 123movies have different categories of movies on their site.

Features available on is packed with features that made watching movies in the site sweet and desiring.

Another feature of this movie platform is the simplicity in searching for movies, makes a lot of users love this platform.

Now, it becomes very easy to find and watch your favorite movie from this movie platform.

Another amazing feature of this site is that their movies are listed A-Z list based on movie titles, making it even much easy to locate any movie of your choice, provided you know the title.

Lastly, you can easily upload any recent movie that isn’t available on the platform.

123movies Login
Even though you do not need to create an account or login to your existing account before you can watch movies from the platform, however, you access the entire site will be a little restricted.

Hence, to have unlimited and stressfree access, you sure need to create an account and login to your account.

The beautiful thing about it all is that it is free and easy to create 123 movies account and to login to your 123movies account.

123movies Sign Up | Login
Creating an account with 123movies is free and easy, and gives users unlimited access to the entire platform.

Follow these steps to create an account on

  • Open any web browser and enter in the URL field.
  • Click on the Login box on the right edge section of the page.
  • Click on Join Now beneath the account box.
  • Enter the details and tick the reCAPTCHA box.
  • Proceed by clicking Register.

Once you have created your account, you can simply log in to your account and start enjoying all the features made available on the platform.

Note: When you enter the URL, you may be redirected to portal, do not be confused as both websites are the same.

That is it on Free New Movies Online – Watch Movies Free Online @ | 123movies – online movies website.

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