How to Track an Order from AliExpress


How to Track an Order from AliExpress

You’ve placed an order with AliExpress for one or more items, and you’re wondering when your box will arrive. How can you monitor how far along in the shipping process your things are?

To track an AliExpress order:

  • Log into
  • Move the mouse cursor over your name, click My Orders, and click Orders Awaiting Delivery.
  • Click View Detail beside the order that you want to track.
  • Click Refresh to see the latest status of your order, or visit the courier’s website and type in your order’s tracking number.

For clearer instructions, would you want some screenshots and information? No issue! For more information, continue reading.

Detailed instructions for how to track an AliExpress order

  • Go to in your web browser and log in.
  • Move your mouse cursor over your name in the top-right corner and click My Orders.  Then, click the Orders Awaiting Delivery heading.  (If you can’t find the order that you want to track here, try the Orders Awaiting Shipment heading instead.)
  • Find the order that you want to track, and near its shipping status, click View Detail.
  • You will see your order’s shipping provider, tracking number, and delivery status details.  To update these details, click Refresh.

Visit the shipping company’s website and enter your tracking number there if you want more particular information (you may find a link to it in the “Details” section above).

Be aware that your order’s tracking number can change and that it could take a courier up to 3 days to update your information. Contact the seller if, after 3 days, you are unable to obtain any tracking information for your order or if, after entering your order’s tracking number on the courier’s website, you are unable to match it with your order. They may be able to figure out where your order is.

That’s a simple explanation of how to track orders on AliExpress! The return rules for AliExpress will be discussed next, along with what you should do if you want to send an item or order back to a seller.



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