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Guide to the Free Friv Games Network

Friv is a network of websites featuring hundreds of free games, including vintage Flash-based games. It is not a single website. These websites provide a big selection of no-download, simple-to-play casual games. Numerous people try out Friv gaming sites because there is no sign-up requirement, and they quickly become addicted to the vibrant, addictive games.

After December 2020, Adobe Flash Player will no longer be supported; nonetheless, the majority of the iconic Flash-based games on Friv have been modified to function without Flash.

How to Find and Play Games on Friv

The extremely user-friendly interface of Friv websites is made to make it simple for kids to discover their enormous selection of games. There are many tiles to welcome you when you visit A distinct game is represented by each tile on the webpage. Create a bookmark for the website when you find a game you enjoy so you can easily return to it later.

  1. Go to and select a tile to load up a game.
  2. Once it’s finished loading, you can start playing.

  3. If you don’t see anything you like on the homepage, click the search button on the top right to browse more games.

  4. You can search by letter, or number, see a full list, or choose a genre to browse, like combat or adventure.

The Appeal of Friv

The Friv network offers instructional games for young children, but all of the games are suitable for players of all ages to enjoy.

Although some Friv games have great-level designs and artwork, they are not of the same caliber as Xbox or PS4 titles. While most games have straightforward graphics and controls, some of them present a challenge to seasoned players.

The Friv Gaming Network

The Friv network consists of three websites:


Numerous websites exist with the word “friv” in the domain name, however, not all of them are trustworthy. To avoid harmful content, stick to the sites mentioned above.

Friv Games on Android, iPhone, and iPad

Friv has a website with mobile games. On your Android or iOS device, go to the website and select the game you want to play.



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