Cookie Crush 2020 – How do you Find & Play Facebook Messenger Cookie Crush Game


Cookie Crush 2020 – How do you Find & Play Facebook Messenger Cookie Crush Game: Are you a facebook user and looking for a guide on how to play cookie crush game on Facebook messenger? If you answered yes, here is a facebook post that teaches all the steps you need to follow to figure out how to find and play facebook messenger cookie game step by step. Continue reading below and please don’t hesitate to share it with your friends and loved ones.

Facebook Messenger games are embedded in the facebook social media platform. Thus, with a facebook account, you can access and play games. So to start playing games on Facebook messenger, you will to first off, create a facebook account. If you have a facebook account yet, you can follow the below guide to figure out how to get that done. On the other hand, you can skip the guide if you already have an account on facebook.

How To Create New Facebook account (
This is a problem with so many Facebook lovers. It is a popular network like I said before but a greater percentage do not know how to get to the main Facebook login page. But you should never worry again because you will learn the trick in this very section.

Facebook login will be available to you once you have you have created a successful account which I will be teaching you in this particular paragraph. Now let’s begin. To get started in knowing how to create new Facebook account, do this first

  1. Get a valid Email or mobile number
  2. Generate a strong password(include numbers, letters and signs)

Then to sign up to Facebook

  1. log on to
  2. Follow the instruction by giving your
  3. First name and last name
  4. Mobile or Email address (make sure you include your country code e.g U.S number code is +1, Canada+44 and Nigeria is +234)
  5. Birthday
  6. Gender
  7. Click the create account button and you are done.

Those are the steps you need to follow to create a new facebook account. I believe the guide was helpful.

Facebook login Page
This is the most simple and easiest part to do. Just make sure you sign up to new Facebook account first because that is when this particular page will be available to you. If you do not have Facebook account, you can begin by following the link provided above so you can start the Facebook login immediately.
For Facebook login to be easy for you, you need to carefully obey the steps below

  1. First of all, sign up to Facebook
  2. Then a login page will be visible to you
  3. Keen in your email or phone number including the country code (please this is very important)
  4. Then hit the Facebook login button and your new homepage will be shown.

Facebook login mobile phone
Having known how to get into your Facebook login page successfully, you will find it easy and less difficult using your mobile phone to login. The format are similar just that the homepage is not exactly the same.

The procedure for the Facebook login mobile phone is written below and you need to read them very well so you can get into your homepage via mobile.

  1. First of all, create a new account or sign up to Facebook
  2. Then visit
  3. Type your email or mobile number
  4. password
  5. Click the login button and you are set.

Download Facebook App
To get your Facebook app for your IOSs, iPhone or all your smartphone, then visit the Google play store for your Androids and visit the iTune store for your iPhone.
You can click here to get it for your iPhone.

Having outlined that, let’s now proceed with the business of the day, How To Play Cookie Crush On Facebook Messenger – Facebook Messenger Cookie Crush Game.

Cookie Crush 2020 – How do you Find & Play Facebook Messenger Cookie Crush Game

Cookie crush is an addictive puzzle and strategy game that brings you into a whole new world of challenging puzzles and appetizing pastries. It is totally free to play and have the whole fun with friend on facebook messanger.

Cookie crush is a game where players strive to win level by swiping different cookie items that match with each other. Cookie crush also enables young and upcoming lad to be able to identify different colors and cookie shapes by their selves. Placing of three or more cookie create a unique cookie that acts as power up with clearing large cookie board ability.

Each level of cookie crush has its aims and goals that you have to finish in that particular level within a fixed number of moves and in a limited time, this game creates a right sense of identifying things. This game inculcates fast thinking in the life of an individual for you to think accurately and quicker.

How To Play Facebook Messenger Cookie Crush
This is an understandable and easy game. All you need to do is to combine at least three appetizing cookies to make them disappear from the fields. If you’re able to combine even more cookies at the once, you can get lots of points and more great extras. These can, for instance, wipe out a whole line of sweets or all the cookies of a particular color would disappear.

Don’t be hasty with your moves and your eyes has to be set on your score as the turn limit is quite challenging, and most times you need to plan your future moves.

How To Download Cookie Crush
Google Play Store – For Android phones

App store iTunes – For iPhones, iPad and Mac

Microsoft – For PC / Computer

Your PC / Computer must meet up with all this minimum requirement to enable it to run on your PC/ computer:

OS – Windows 10 version 10240.0 or higher
Architecture – x86

How To Play Cookie Crush On Facebook Messenger
SOFTGAMES has released Cookie Crush on Facebook Messanger. You can now play it on your Facebook Messenger.

  • Open your Facebook Messenger.
  • There is a game menu next to the camera menu, click on it.
  • Click on the search tab and type in “Cookie Crush.”
  • You would see the game, by the left you would see PLAY, click on PLAY.
  • Wait for it to load and enjoy your game.

That is it on Cookie Crush 2020 – How do you Find & Play Facebook Messenger Cookie Crush Game. I hope this article was helpful. Kindly share it with your friends and loved ones!!!


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